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Guest Interview by Lynn Lawler.

I am delighted to receive this fantastic, generous review of MARMALADE MARTINI by the critical reviewer and blogger, Lynn Lawler. 

The opportunity to appear as a guest author on her website was an absolute pleasure.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐You are in for a real treat.

I love how strong the characters are. They are not the type of women who squeal when they are in danger. These women fight back. I love how they take ownership of their lives instead of blaming any pitfalls on external stimuli. I learned some things as a result of reading this book and I thank the author for providing some words of wisdom.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A Delight.

I enjoy reading novice authors and their first books. It can be refreshing or tedious. Sometimes it’s all I can do, to get through a book. Often, I know, from page one if it’s going to be something good…or a lot of groaning and eye-rolling.

From the beginning, I was enthralled by a familiar friend. We all have one like Jamie. She’s smart, unlucky in love but holds that whimsical “Someday, I will meet my soul mate” fanciful dream. She has an adorable rag doll cat named Amelie, which frankly, is my dream cat. And of which, I wish there more of her in the story.

The story is one of romance, but it’s so much more than that. I recognized some of the characters and felt as if I was spending time with old friends, long since passed. The author paints wonderful pictures and characters with her words; she’s descriptive without overdoing the metaphors.

 Again, this not just a romantic novel, please don’t limit this wonderful story to that. It’s also one of friendships, old and new, of family, of betrayal, of sisters, and who’s going to be there when you need someone. My only gripe about Jamie is she comes off as weak sometimes.

All in all, this story is a delight and I am very much impressed with Forester’s writing. This does not seem at all like a debut novel; it’s just too wonderful. Add this one to your pile!

(Aspen Tree Book Reviews)


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Won me over in seconds.

When I want to read a book, I first of all have to like the title and cover. If those two don’t attract me, I won’t even pick it up to read the blurb. When that entices me and all three boxes are ticked, I can finally sit down, relax and enjoy. Well, this book had me won over in seconds. I really felt like reaching out, grabbing the glass and sip it while diving into the story.

The contents did not disappoint. It’s not only about a woman looking for love and finally also commitment as well but also about danger, family and secrets being revealed. What’s life without that one friend who is always around and you can count on? Or can’t you?

I liked the fluent writing style with descripions that make the story come alive. Often a debut has much lower standards than this one.

I have the feeling we can look forward to a second part … I certainly wouldn’t mind.

By: b for Bookreview


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An excellent novel.

An excellent novel. The story had a nice flow and the characters were very believable. I really enjoyed the way the story developed with some twists and turns just like in real life. Jamie is a little like all of us, or if you are one of those perfect people you have a friend like her. She deserves to have good things happen to her and you are overjoyed when it does. You also want to punch anyone who mistreats her. I hope to see a follow up novel soon.

(Reading With Cats Book Reviews)

By Chris Hooker


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ An engaging, thrill to read.

One night changes everything for architect Jamie Barker. She learns about trust, friendships, and most importantly that no one, and nothing is ever as it seems. She embarks on quite the adventure as her past catches up with her and a new relationship begins to develop, but it isn’t without misunderstanding and a lot of heartache.

This was a thrilling story, with lots of action... The good insight into...thoughts and feelings...and it adds extra depth to really understanding...these characters lives. For a debut novel, this book was strong and exciting. It was well written and very realistic of the type of mayhem that can ensue from toxic situations, and the past.

Being slow burn it takes a long time for these two characters to come to their senses, but it is definitely worth the wait, and again a realistic portrayal of how assumption can trip you up!

For me Jamie has two relationships going on in this novel, one with Kate, a love interest, and one with Alex, her best friend. Both are very different and she interacts uniquely with each of them. Jamie has a lot of likeable qualities for me. She was very human in her reactions, thoughts, and feelings, a bit pessimistic, but very realistic in that sense. Hurt before, and wary. Alex is quite controlling, and as you learn more about their friendship you can see how toxic it is becoming for Jamie. Blossoming romance with Kate is handled in a friends to lovers scenario, with a lot of assumption, and misunderstanding, something we often do as humans when our own thoughts are negative because of how we have been treated. I think Julie handled both of these depictions well and gave true to life, accurate representations of the important relationships in Jamie’s life.

An interesting story, with loveable characters. I look forward to reading more about Jamie and Kate in future.

(Review in full here)

By Carol Hutchinson LESBIreviewed



Video Review by Carol Hutchinson. 

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⭐⭐⭐⭐It is honestly so refreshing to have a romance that isn’t the usual cookie cutter formula.

This book is hard to review because so many things are going on where you don’t entirely understand what is going on. Describing any of it would feel spoilery. There is a a creepy dude Jamie enters a contract with. Her ex comes back to town and the motive is unknown. Secrets. It is honestly so refreshing to have a romance that isn’t the usual cookie cutter formula. I liked all of the mini mysteries within this.

It is also mega British. Scatty cow is an insult. Blokes and chaps are guys. Sleeping late is considered a ‘lie-in.’ Taking the piss doesn’t mean going to the ladies room to relieve oneself. And I can’t even begin to know what ‘Chucking her rattle out of the pram’ means. All of this certainly made me feel ensconced in the England of it all.

The romance was extremely slow burn. Perhaps the most slow burn I have ever read. But like the rest of the mysteries in this, it had to unfold slowly over time. I enjoyed how the two meet and the awkward interactions they have in the beginning.

And you know I always have to praise authors that write good books without explicit sex scenes. It is possible for things to be sexy and flirty and imply intimacy without being porn.

I recommend this book to those who like to read about mysterious scenarios, overcoming bad relationships, recognizing bad friendships, really awesome sisters, and pulling out tobacco pouches to roll lines to smoke outside.

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