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Julie Forester

About the author

Julie's professional background is in education, for which she holds a first class university degree with honours.

She has enjoyed action-packed, thrill-seeking experiences in life, including jet-skiing, motorcycle trail-riding, powerboat racing, fencing, karate, scuba-diving, flying airplanes – and even considered a career as a stunt woman!

These days, when she's not writing, her interests incline towards the arts - in all their forms - from painting and drawing to live music and theatre.

The journey to become a published author, was an exciting opportunity that she seized without hesitation. What started as a hobby, has evolved into an adventure.

She lives with her wife outside north London, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Living just a stone’s throw from their quirky local pub, it is not unusual after a Sunday walk to find her re-hydrating with a pint of real ale.

A frequent visitor to the UK’s vibrant capital, London is the inspiration and setting for her debut novel, Marmalade Martini. Following the success of this first book, Julie is currently embarking on the sequel, Rock & Rhubarb. This time, the setting is Brighton, UK, where the doors to Alchemy Cocktail Bar will open for one last time...                   

Watch this space!