Julie Forester Books

Julie Forester Books


Julie's editing and cover design services:

How can I help you?

    I aim to provide a supportive, fair-priced service. I hold a first-class university degree with honours. My qualifications, professional experience and artistic skills enable me to:

    • copyedit your manuscript;
    • format your manuscript, upload-ready for eBook and print book (paperback);
    • design your eBook cover and paperback sleeve.

    If this is your first book and you're planning to self-publish, I offer a discount package rate for all three services. (See the 'EDITING ENQUIRY' below.) 



        Copyediting deals with the line by line structure of your writing. This process:

        • picks up errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, tenses, punctuation and syntax;
        • improves sentences so that they flow better;
        • substitutes weak or redundant words, phrases and sentences with powerful or more appropriate alternatives;
        • restructures sentences for improved clarity;
        • makes your writing more efficient and accurate, while respecting your style and voice;
        • includes extensive in-line comments and suggestions to help you improve your writing.

        TRY ME FIRST: Would you like to find out if I am the right editor for you? My no obligation 'try me first' offer means I will edit and return your first 1,500 words, including general feedback and comments. This way, you don't pay anything until you are sure you want to go ahead and use my services! Interested? Just complete the 'EDITING ENQUIRY' below and tick the 'COPYEDITING - I'D LIKE TO TRY YOU FIRST' box.



        Formatting happens after your manuscript has been copyedited and your 'clean' version has been proofread. It is the final stage before publication.

        I will organise the layout and transform the appearance of your book to create a Word (DOC) that is upload-ready as an eBook and/or print paperback book.

        will format your finished manuscript, even if it has already been copyedited and proofread by another editor. 



        The cover of your book is a uniquely important marketing tool. It is the first thing that your potential readers see. My standout covers are individually created to match the style, genre and target audience for your story.

        My single price includes the artwork for both an eBook cover AND print book sleeve.

        Browse through some examples of my commissioned and sample cover designs HERE.


        Still thinking about it?

        Check out the recommendations from other authors who have used my services. (Yours could be the next one I add to the list.)


        DO YOU WANT TO FIND OUT MORE? Send me your Editing Enquiry.

        I look forward to hearing from you 😊 

        What do you wish to enquire about? Tick all that might apply:
        ARE YOU A SELF-PUBLISHING AUTHOR? IS THIS YOUR FIRST BOOK? I offer extra, 'DEBUT ONLY' discount rates for new authors. This can include the COVER ART, COPYEDITING and FORMATTING for your paperback and eBook.
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